Masha Tsnobilantze

masha3A bit of a narcissist, Masha loves having her picture taken.

“I basically grew up in a zoo” is how she describes her childhood in Russia where she used to feed the animals at the zoo and the circus near her house.

Despite her childhood spent moving around, she is not very skilled. She lived in Russia when she cannot ski, she lived in Greece when she cannot swim, and she is now living in the Netherlands when she cannot ride a bike. At the age of 16, in an effort to expand her skills list, she decided to take up the piano. After 4 months of lessons, her teacher told her she should quit because she would never be able to play and that she was just wasting her money.

The 23-year-old Greek-Georgian-Russian can now be seen roaming around the streets of Groningen, desperately searching for a news story.