James Field

jamesWith an academic background in History and Film, time spent teaching English in Spain and Mexico, and experience of climbing onto a moving car whilst driving in the Himalayas, James brings a range of talents to his journalistic repetoire.

These ambitions are focussed on society and culture, as well as radical journalism – he aims to report news that “engages, fascinates and makes real change”. Naturally then, he would love to have gone drinking with George Orwell and Hunter S. Thompson (also very much invited: Beyonce).

Cultural commentary is also a passion, so be ready to have your favourite movie completely trashed. In five years he would love to be writing for a newspaper, magazine or online publication with a diverse and engaged readership, but perhaps also writing stories set in space. He can usually be found cycling around on a shiny red bike, sitting in a movie theatre trying to ignore people on their phones, trying to het Danny Boyle on the phone or telling bad jokes (like, really bad) but if you want to risk it he can be contacted at:


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-field-a46053121/


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