Frans Snackers

frans31Oh boy, where to start with this Frans Snackers? Maybe with two words: Superman 2.0!

The circulating rumours about 25-year old Christian Franciscus Snackers from Assen being the modern incarnation of Clark Kent are based on two profound evidences: First, his superpower to write articles in a supernatural speed. Secondly: Instagram @franscfs! Look at this body and you´ll understand. The 2.0 update was awarded to Frans by over 12.000 viewers of his fitness Youtube-channel “fransfitness”, where he shares the secrets of how to get and keep such a Hercules Body. Not a meteorite but a typewriter and internet-absence revealed Frans´ fantasy and talents. Beyond creativity it’s the act of creation what fascinates him about journalism and the art of making videos. It´s new technology and new media where he sees his future in, and what he is conquering as a Journalist and video maker.

His little secret lies in a bottomless TV series-addiction, which is not even stopping at Jersey Shore. Well, even a Superman has his Kryptonite.