Emily Howard



With a Bachelors degree in History and experience with journalism and activism, it is safe to say that Emily Howard has much more in their locker than their 21 years would suggest. Previously working for publications in both London and Amsterdam, Emily devotes their career to tackling issues of inequality and providing a commentary on issues surrounding social inclusion.

Beyond campaigning for LGBT and minority rights, Emily is also the founder of the ‘Everyday Colonialism’ project. “I’d seen the ‘Everyday Sexism’ and ‘Everyday Racism’ projects,’ says Emily, “and I felt that there was an urgent need for a colonialism based counterpart.” Such a tenacious and incisive view of the wider world has filtered directly into Emily’s work as a journalist, whereby they aim to operate as “the middleman between the voices of the unheard and the mainstream.”

Emily can be contacted at e.howard@student.rug.nl


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