Catalin Radu

cata3The handsome man in the picture wore green socks and sneakers on his wedding day. The name of the handsome man in the picture is Catalin Radu. The man called Catalin Radu was born in the country called Romania, no worries though, he is garlic friendly. Catalin is younger than “Roadside Picnic” written by Arkady, and Boris Strugatsky which is his favorite book but older than his lovely dog Uma. Catalin studied Journalism and English Language and Literature in Timisoara University. He has 6 years of experience in press journalism, 3 years in content writing and copy writing and 32 years in squeaking like a lady when he sees a crawling bug.

Catalin enjoys writing “too much”, he likes to write in a creative way, therefore he prefers features and sometimes poetry (when inspired by the strangest things). However, the man has his wild side as well: who could possibly suspect that a person, whose dream is to “write something great”, was illegally treating himself with sour cherries from his neighbor’s garden? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Catalin Radu.