Bala Chambers

bala3Meet Balarama Chambers, a Latin-American hearted and British minded 28 year-old journalist, whose origins have always traced his professional and personal path. English mother and Brazilian father, Balarama – shortened to Bala for friends – spent most of his childhood in between the Norman county of Norfolk and the Avenida Paulista in Sao Paolo. His curiosity for the Latin culture pushed him to start his Bachelor degree in Spanish and to travel throughout the whole Latin continent creating fraternal bonds with the local communities.

Recently, he worked as an intern at The Argentina Independent, an online publication which covers current Latin-American affairs in English: “my work went from interviewing drag queens to members of the United Nations or World Bank.” Yet, his British blood returns as he goes mad for football and tea. Aside from delighting his friends with vegan recipes such as humus and baba ghanoush, he also contributes for a blog ( on language insights.

P.s. For whoever was wondering: Balarama is the older brother of the Indian divinity Krishna and his name means in Sanskrit “the source of all strengths”.

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