Jasper, the seagull traveller

By Inès Mette

JasperPhoto“I do many things. I have a lot of diplomas, and I work for healthcare. I also work for architects, carpenters. […] I do what I like,” says Jasper as he is eating his lunch of fried fish at the back of his work van.

His colleague does not want to talk to me, emphasising that this is their lunch time break that I am disrupting, but Jasper tells me that it would be his pleasure and to fire away and ask anything. And so I ask about the seagull-shaped sculptures – 24 of them – assembled in a circle in the Vismarkt of Groningen. Jasper tells me that the structure was created by a Japanese artist for the Amsterdam Light Festival. The seagulls are meant to light up, one after the other, as you walk around them.

The seagulls will not be staying in Groningen for long, and are set to fly to Sweden next, where Jasper and his two colleagues will accompany it, and so on in a few other places in Europe up until the end of the festival. After that, Jasper is not too sure what he will do. But he knows it will be something he likes.

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