When all the trains have left


By Anna Severinenko

“It was always my dream to have my own bar. 8 years ago, it was finally about to open, everything was ready. But then the smoking ban came and killed everything.” Since last year Jack cleans the toilets and picks up garbage three times a week at the central train station in Groningen. “I hate everything about this job” he sighs. “This work is really boring. People throw their cigarettes just everywhere. Often, I find used condoms and women´s red things on the toilet, things you really don´t want to see. No one talks to you when you work here.” When Jack gets home, gaming takes his mind of work. He lives alone, was never married. Playing “WW” (World of Warcraft) relaxes him for two to three hours a day. Leaning against the garbage bin, holding the bright orange trash bag in the other hand, he has no dreams left for the future anymore. – “It´s too late.”

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