No waste sorting at the Harmonie and Academy building’s restaurants

By Anna Portella

The Harmonie and Academy buildings’ restaurants don’t have any kind of organic and inorganic waste sorting-means at the diners’ – eco-friendly or not- disposal.

The washing-up areas of both restaurants, where customers bring their dirty dishes back after eating, only have two general bins to throw the rubbish and food leftovers combined.



Maud Kruizinga, Team Leader of Food & Drinks City Centre of the University Services Department, explains that in the restaurants’ kitchens they separate organic waste, glass and plastics.

She recognizes that the department has never discussed introducing separated organic and inorganic bins for customers.

Nevertheless, she explains that six months ago they asked “the direction to place plastic bins next to the general ones,” although they haven’t received any kind of feedback yet.

There is no space to place another bin,” says an employee of the Harmonie building restaurant, who refuses to identify herself for The Spoke.

Zernike campus recycling habits

It is not such a big effort to place bins with four holes to sort rubbish, like they do in Zernike,” says Sándo Kruse, a student of that campus that sometimes visits the Harmonie building restaurant.

In Zernike campus you can find [recycle] bins at every corner,” explains Alexander Bletsis, another Zernike student.

Also, the University Library’s at the RUG’s canteen do have bins with three holes to separate plastic rubbish from waste for its’ users.


The RUG’s eco-friendly rules

The lack of organic and inorganic sorting-bins does not break the university’s Regulations for Waste Disposal, which only say that kitchen/biodegradable waste is collected in special containers. These guidelines, however, aim at minimizing “the amount of waste generated and enable everyone to deal with waste safely and with care.”

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