Election night sells out as Groningen’s election fever grows


By Michael Madden

For the third time running, the Groninger Forum will host its Election Night USA to a sold out audience. 350 local students will attend the event on November 8th, to discuss, debate and analyse the results of the election as it happens.

“The US Elections are sometimes called ‘the greatest show on earth,’” says project manager of Election Night USA, Martijn Rotgers.“People want to know who will win this crazy race and they want to be a part of it.”

Organised by RUG student associations in conjunction with the Groninger Forum, the event has seen a huge demand from students, with over 1’500 confirming their interest via Facebook.

One of the organisers, the Student Association for International Relations (SIB), says that much of the demand is due to the political awareness of the people.

“In Groningen there are a lot of politically engaged students who have been following this election circus for over a year,” says Maarten Lemstra, Commissioner for Intellectual Activities at SIB-Groningen. “That is why this night is always such a great success.”

Aside from covering and analysing all things political, the event, which runs from 9PM to 4AM, gives attendees the opportunity to enjoy live music, fitness workshops and comedy performances.

“The night is always an incredibly fun experience,” says Lemstra. “It’s a great mix of intellectual events and fun activities.”

With the success of the Election Night USA confirmed, Rotgers says that the Groninger Forum is already looking forward to organising similar election events, such as the Dutch parliamentary election next March.

“The Forum wants to be the place in Groningen where people can get context to current world or national events by organising discussions, lectures or live events like the Election Night USA.”


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