RUG student interested in creating a better world? You are needed!

by Cătălin Radu

AIESEC (the world’s largest youth-led organization) is looking for students from the University of Groningen who dare to try to improve the world. And because everyone needs to start somewhere, the YouthSpeak Forum which will take place in Amsterdam, on the 21st November, is a well-suited event.


Here, students will have the opportunity to work together with representatives of important companies like Rabobank or Randstad. The goal of these efforts is to find actual solutions for real life problems. An important partner of AIESEC for this event is the United Nations, following their Sustainable Development Goals.

“It is really interesting that the students will have the opportunity of participating in simulations created by professionals who will challenge them to be critical and creative and to think for themselves”, said Maria de Vries, one of the marketing representatives for YouthSpeak.

There is certainly an interest for this event on the hallways of the University of Groningen. “I think that more students should care about sustainability. This is what the world needs from every one of us”, said Roger Bokhuis, a student at RUG.

There’s still time to join!

The current deadline for registering for the event is November 4th, and there are still places to be filled. AIESEC describes the perfect student candidate as a person who is interested in and linked to what’s presently happening in the world, and who would also like to have a social impact on current developments. “There is a chance that the deadline will be extended, but that’s not official yet”, mentioned Eline de Haan, Vice President of AIESEC Netherlands.

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