Groningen students enjoy free art and history

By Petra Ondrisakova


Groninger Museum. Source: Petra Ondrisakova

Young people on a tight budget can afford to see great art, now that Groningen’s most famous museum has decided to stop charging them admission.

The museum launched the project with a kick-off party on September 1st, accompanied with music, drinks and museum tours for everybody. From then on, all students of Groningen universities can visit the museum for free every day.

Uninformed students

“Lots of people hesitate to visit. Now it should be easier, students can just come for free, take a look and see how they like it,” said Mrs. Karina Smrkovsky, head of communication, PR and marketing of the Groninger museum. The whole project is based on a collaboration of Groningen Agreement, the Province of Groningen, Alfa College, and Noorderpoort. According to Mrs. Smrkovsky, young people are attracted the most by design and fashion exhibitions, modern and abstract art is also popular.

However, it seems that lots of the students don’t know about this option, despite the advertising campaign. International students seem to be most uninformed. The museum can’t tell if the visit rates have changed yet, but the success of campaign should be visible in a few weeks.

Presenting Rodin


It’s also students themselves, who help other students to come and become familiar with the museum. According to Mrs. Smrkovsky, it’s usually art students who want to do something extra and help. “We call them museum insiders because they know all secret places here. It’s not a real club, but anyone can contact us and join.”

Besides students spreading the word, the Groninger museum will soon present Rodin – Genius at Work, the largest August Rodin exhibition that ever took place in Netherlands. Together with other projects, this event can be one of the ways how to let students know that the gates of the museum are opened for them for free.

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