ACLO membership still the cheapest option for students in Groningen


The Zernike sporting campus

By Bala Chambers

ACLO Sport’s Plus gym membership at the Zernike campus is still the cheapest gym across the city, despite efforts by other local gyms to attract students with other deals.

In order to qualify for a gym membership, students must firstly purchase a €59,95 a year subscription. Students can then join the various different sports clubs. After paying a further €65 fee, students may access the gym. This equates to €10.41 per month. If you are on an exchange programme for a semester then there is a reduced cost.

There are alternative options available, however, these do not include sporting clubs, unlike ACLO. Fit4Free gym offers an economic membership at €12.95. Another option is Basic Fit, which charges €17.99 per month with a € 39.99 subscription fee. Big Gym’s fees are €20 per month.

Plaza Sportiva remains the most expensive at € 47.50 per month, even at a discounted student price.

“In general I think they are doing a great job”, said Tom, a British first-year student at Groningen University (RUG), when asked about the ACLO’ prices. Overall, he is certain that in terms of what facilities are available it is a good return, as he looks to ensure his purse strings remain tightened.

ACLO was founded in 1945 and is one of the biggest sport’s organisation. It is managed purely by students. There are currently 19,000 students enrolled this academic year. In 2001, Hanzehogeschool (HG) also joined ACLO, which previously only served the University of Groningen (RUG). A new ACLO establishment was opened close to the Station in 2015, helping students living further afield in town.

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