35% increase in British students at the University of Groningen


British student numbers are considerably up on last year

By Emily Howard

The number of British students at the University of Groningen (RUG) has increased by 35% and other Dutch universities are also expecting higher numbers of British students despite Britain’s exit from the EU.

Last year, 250 British students were enrolled at the RUG yet there are already 338 enrolments this year – and some registrations are not yet completed, Jan Wolthuis told The Spoke.

There has been a “massive” change in the number of British students enrolling on Dutch degree courses, according to information service Studyinholland. Although enrolment figures for this academic year have not yet been released, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) expect the number of British students to have increased, according to Communications Officer Johan Rheeder.

Rheeder told The Spoke that British students at the UvA unusually made up one of the largest contingents of international students this year. DutchNews.nl reported that the UvA “had so many students from Britain this year” that it even organised a special two-day welcome desk at Schiphol airport.

The student manager for an SSH international student residence in Groningen, Haras Mhmud, said that usually the number of British students living in international student houses is very low; however this year it has been surprisingly high, increasing threefold in some SSH student homes.

Olivia Spurrier, studying at the RUG this year, says that the price of Dutch universities in comparison with British ones was a convincing factor which made her decision final. Tuition fees in the UK can be up to 6 times higher than in the Netherlands.

Despite Brexit, Studyinholland expects British enrolments in Dutch universities to rise for the foreseeable future due to the reduced EU-member tuition fees. Maastricht University encourages British students to apply as they allow British students to benefit from the reduced fees for “at least the next two years,” according to University World News.

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