Netherlands offline


KPN headquarters in Groningen

By Alessia Melchiorre 

Last weekend, a technical failure forced offline millions of internet users in the Netherlands and, not being entirely resolved, complaints are piling up on the social media pages run by KPN, the country’s biggest IT provider.

According to Marianne Zwart, Communication Officer in the company, the cause is due to an error in the process through which the information is loaded into the network: “Simply put, there was traffic but it did not come to the destination as the network and services were disrupted.” Yet, it is still not clear whether the problem was due to internal or external factors. No comment on the matter was released by the KPN.

Groningen – the first province in the Netherlands, where most residents have access to fast Internet connection – was affected as well. Many restaurants were not able to accept credit card payments as the devices could not work without Wi-Fi. “We had to face very awkward situations with our customers, because they had no cash, or we had not enough change for them”, says Xiao Lu, who works in a street-food bar in the city center.

Although the company apologised for the disservice, the issue had very negative reactions throughout the country. Apparently, this is not the first time its customers – KPN provides Internet connection for more than 2 million people in the Netherlands – had to face such inefficiencies.

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