A new house for the emergent brewery Bax Bier


Nic Veenstra and Jeroen Bax in the new Bax Bier brewery

By Tommaso Lecca

Groningen’s artisanal beer aficionados will have another place to try local brews when a new microbrewery opens its doors this evening. The designed space is almost ready to welcome the clients, who will enjoy a unique view: the process of crafting beer. In fact, just a glass window separates the brewers from the bar and restaurant area.

This inauguration is a turning point for one of the youngest breweries in town, which surprisingly has shoulders already broad enough to sustain such financial effort. From the 10 thousand litres crafted in the entire start-up year (2014) the company has reached the present sale of 6 thousand litres per month.

“I didn’t expect such great success” said the head brewer himself. In fact, when the former cook Nic Veenstra moved from the deep Oregon, USA, to Groningen, he started crafting beer at home for the mere necessity to avoid drinking the multinational mass distributed beers.“It’s like drinking a coke” he says, “I don’t even consider that sort of product as beer”.

In some months his hobby became a new job, thanks to a casual friendship with his current associate Jeroen Bax: “I met him by chance in a liquor shop while I was looking for some good craft beer. At the time he had already started his company, Bax Bier.”

The city of Groningen is no stranger to the beer crafting. Many of the most commercialised beers come from the wheat fields harvested by the farmers of this province, which since the late Middle Ages was the proper Hanseatic League’s granary. Paradoxically, this multinational success contributed to shutting down most of the local breweries. This weekend, thanks to a 100 thousand euros crowdfunding, these young brewers will start over quenching people’s thirst with high-quality beer.

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